Key tips to make you an email marketing pro

Key tips to make you an email marketing pro

With the popularity of social media, we could forgive you for admitting you’d completely forgotten about marketing via email! With the popularity of channels such as Twitter it’s easy to see why this venue could be overlooked. However would you be surprised if we told you that email remains one of the most cost-effective channels for marketing all around the world. When done right, an email campaign can quickly hit a huge audience and produce amazing results. Today we’ve pulled together a few email marketing tips for small businesses to help you become an email marketing pro.

Content is king

Always remember to keep in mind the goal that you want to achieve when sending an email. Is it your latest product release, promotion or company announcement? It’s important to always keep your content engaging and interesting. Avoid being ‘salesy’ especially in your subject line and keep the tone friendly and personal.

Keep it relevant to your audience

How many times do you think businesses have sent out an email talking about a summer promotion only for it to land in the inbox of someone on the other side of the world, in the middle of winter? Make sure you break up your mailing list as much as possible to ensure that the message you send out is always relevant to the person reading it. Break down your contacts by location, industry and product purchased and always ensure you keep your emails relevant and timely.

Get the design right

It’s vital to make sure your email renders correctly in all popular email applications. You don’t want to spend hours creating a beautiful, eye-catching design only for it to be wasting due to not loading properly in your customer’s email browser. Ensure you get the design right by including eye-catching images. Break up your content as much as possible with headings and subheadings.

Go mobile

It’s extremely important to make sure that your email designs are responsive and display correctly on all popular mobile devices. Always think about how your message will be delivered to those on smartphone or tablets. Most popular email marketing include testing tools so you can quickly and easily see how your email displays on a portable device. Remember to test your email campaigns every time before you press send!


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