Get the Most from Your Hosting Service

Get the Most from Your Hosting Service

You’ve designed your website and all looks good but now you need to get it out there for the whole world to see.

So how do you do this?

You probably haven’t thought too much about a web hosting service, and yet it’s essential if you want to get your site online. Regardless of the size of your website you need to know a few simple facts about hosting and maintaining a successful, running site.

Things to look out for

Nobody likes ‘down time’ due to server problems and maintenance, so search the web for a hosting company with low down times. There’s nothing more frustrating than checking your site and realizing it’s not there. This could end up in losing traffic and ultimately, money.

You need to make the important decision whether you want shared or dedicated hosting. This comes down to personal choice and needs. If you have a small simple site which doesn’t hold sensitive information it may be beneficial for you to opt for a shared server. On the other hand, if you are a business expecting high levels of traffic with high quality responsive design layouts, as well as payment and sensitive customer information then a dedicated host is a must.

Some web hosting services also offer a different server platforms such as Windows, however some use Linux. This again should be an important deciding factor as you will receive features with one which you may not necessarily get with the other. In our experience Linux has been the way forward and is usually less expensive than Windows.

Many hosting services offer different functionality for free. These are functions such as; website builders, backup and restore, SEO optimizers, photo galleries and 1-click WordPress setup. The list goes on but some or even many functions may not be any good to you. It is important to make sure you choose wisely when selecting a hosting service.

Providers tend to also arrange their web hosting deals into packages and can look like this:

  • Starter – Perfect for basic websites, blogs and email hosting
  • Professional – Ideal for websites with dynamic and interactive content
  • Professional Plus – Recommended for demanding WordPress websites
  • Business – For large and complex websites

Our verdict

There are some fantastic deals to be had so do your research and be realistic about what you’re trying to achieve now and for potential future projects / growth. In our experience you can’t beat good customer support, trust us, 24/7 live chat support has been a great asset when experiencing technical problems.

Below are a few service providers we have used and highly recommend

Have you had any bad experiences with hosting services? Why not leave a comment.

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